Social Media MArketing



Social media can be confusing, but at EVYOM STUDIO, we understand the complexities of each platform and know how to build long lasting relationships with community leaders, as well as drive traffic.


Whatever your business, a digital and social media presence is almost a must in today’s competitive marketplace. However, a Digital and Social Media marketing presence doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Quite the contrary.


In short, it’s about making sure your customers can find you Online when they are ready to buy the products or services you offer.

Real growth, real people.


With our proven marketing strategies, your business will see a real, authentic, and gradual increase in followers that match your target audience.

We create content that provides consumers real value so the brands we work with become culturally and contextually relevant. We create a content calendar but also leverage the real-time marketing potential of social media to help brands capitalize on moments.

Social and Community Management


To engage consumers effectively, brands need to participate organically in the conversation through Social Media Marketing. We help brands:


  • Create engaging content that inspires sharing
  • Manage and create content for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat
  • Strategically navigate the social landscape
  • Engage influencer
  • Use owned media to generate earned
  • Set and measure goals
  • Content Creation and Promotion

    Social media is a constantly-evolving world, and one update to a social-media algorithm could potentially send your campaign off the rails. We work to stay current and informed on the intricate details and opportunities for success on each platform. This allows us to work with our team of writers, designers, and developers to both create and promote superior and effective social content.

  • Social media monitoring

    Staying on top of each and every one of your social media channels is a big job; you never know which platform your customer may want to use to interact with you. Our team of social media professionals will monitor and respond to your social customers, letting you take one more thing off your plate.

  • Social engagement

    Our marketers can even watch for the social-media trends and conversations which are especially pertinent to your brand, and can act swiftly to provide value and help to develop a positive relationship with your brand among potential customer groups. For instance, we can monitor social media for customer service issues and alert the client.

Forget vanity numbers, this is social media marketing that engages


EVYOM’s social advertising experts deliver ROI through ongoing testing and analysis. Our studio brings the best mix of creative and data driven social marketers to your brand’s social advertising campaigns, specializing on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.