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App Development

App Development Company

With the changing technology and surging of business functions, Mobile App Development is the basic need to develop today for competing for as well as brand awareness and ease of usage. EVYOM TECHNOLOGIES delivers next-generation, unique mobile experiences to customers aiming to get hold of the most intuitive applications developed using the latest development solutions designed and developed by a team of dedicated people.

Your App Development Journey


We study the app usability and design of an over-the-top, user-friendly interface

Strategy Services

We define the app roadmap, research competition, and help formulate a revenue strategy

App Development

We offer our services in determining technology platforms, defining features, integrating tools and APIs

Testing & Maintenance

We test the apps using automated tools and apply upgrade patches

Application Marketing

We formulate the best marketing strategy for you and employ the best practices in app-store optimization

Our App Development Services

1. Android

It has a well-sketched Android architecture that helps in developing standard apps that are scalable, cloud-ready, and intuitive. The best practices are conducted before coming up with the end product.

2. iOS

Not only does it look elegant, but it also has applications that are custom-made with rich features. The fact that it has an interactive and intuitive interface sets it apart from the other platforms. The market share of the iOS platform/Apple App Store is 2.2 million.

3. Windows

Having a different perspective is what makes this platform a unique one. It provides a Windows phone solution, which is result-driven. Market Share of Windows store 669,000

4.  Cross-Platform

Users have a preference for having options, and this multi-platform compatibility not only makes things easier but also can make the native apps function.

What do we offer?

1. Social Networking Applications

To build up your social networking, get your website content noticed with the help of our SEO. We get you on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) to beam up your business.

2. Point of Sales Applications

The speed at which point of sales applications are evolving is significant. Cash register, computer, or an iPad where cashiers input your products, tally the cost and conduct the financial transaction, we provide access to all these operations via point of sales applications.

3. Enterprise Applications

We offer our services as a third-party application service provider, which is a software platform that can be used to assist in organizational issues. Payment processing, automated billing systems, content management, HR management, Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Continuity Planning(BCP), and Enterprise Application Integration(EAI) are some functions of Enterprise applications.

4. Location-Based Applications

Increasingly adopted by small and medium businesses, these applications give access to immediate product and service information, price comparison, reviews, product alternatives, and several additional mobile commerce options.

5. Support & Maintenance

We at EVYOM aim to provide you with mobile app development solutions 24*7, even after the app is launched. We ensure the smooth and consistent run of your application by providing periodic maintenance.

Our main aim is to create a virtually beneficial place for your business. We focus on providing the best, happy, and easy-going customer experience by reaching out and communicating with the target audience.

We endeavour to provide you with the most appropriate and practical solutions based on popular programming frameworks and platforms such as Flutter, Swift, React Native, Kotlin, Java, HTML5 and more.

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