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We at Evyom work with a vision to help our clients effortlessly work with data within and outside their organizations and to create actionable analytics with the data. We connect our technical expertise with your requirements, and your data with start-of-the-art analytics to create best-in-class business intelligence. As your analytics partner, we promise our clients all over the world “Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time”.

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Preparing for your success, We provide truly prominent Analytical Solutions.

  1. Big Data Analytics: – We offer a full cycle of big data analytics consulting services to help you convert data into insights that lead to success. Within a single platform, our solution provides big data tools to extract, prepare and blend your data, plus the visualizations and analytics that will change the way you run your business.
  2. CaféBot: – A unique Enterprise Data Augmentation Platform that acts as a bridge to fill gaps in discovering, preparing and analyzing all your data. CaféBot provides a data repository for billions of rows, data munging, data blending, data slicing, data dicing, aggregation, pivoting and much more at your fingertip. All within a browser-based drag-and-drop environment.
  3. Data Visualization: – We build dashboards using diverse data sources to ensure that you get your business insights in a handy and intuitive form. We believe that visualization is an integral part of any data analytics, as it allows users to immediately spot trends, track goal achievement, easily identify outliers and compare the performance of different categories, products, brands, etc. We tailor data visualization solutions so that they answer the business questions of a particular customer.
  4. RPA (Robotic Process Automation): – Our AI-powered analytics engine identifies which of these processes can be automated to increase ROI, and provides insight to help organizations. EDA’s RPA (Robotic Process Automation) work together to deliver continuous process optimization. Our platform not only helps businesses identify which processes to automate and where cost savings can be achieved, but they also provide a range of automation solutions and smart analytics to ensure organizations are getting the most out of their RPA investment.
  5. Internet of Things (IoT): – IoT is a transformational force that can help companies improve performance through IoT analytics and IoT Security to deliver better results.

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